Each Sorry Fingerboard is Hand Crafted in California made up of 5 plies Canadian maple with Hand Dyed and carefully selected veneer. Our mold has been designed for performance, With the help of multiple legends in the skateboard manufacturing scene we studied for years to perfect the balance of our deck. Each mold//shape has its purpose and place, do not let that stray you only into a popsicle shape though. You can still do those awesome nollie lazer flips just as easy on our lucy deck. Have any questions? Drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.

Sorry Fingerboards come in four molds. SF1,SF2,SF3, & SF4 : SF1 is generally a lower board, it has low concave and a low/med nose and tail. The wheel base is a tad longer for more control. The SF2 is made for pure performance. Medium Concave, Medium kicks and a shortened wheel base for all your technical tricks. SF3 is a team exclusive mold, this does drop to the public on occasion so keep your eyes peeled, SF4 is our newly developed mold and shape taking characteristics from SF1 and SF2 such as the lower concave of sf1 with the degrees of the nose and tail coming up just a tad nearly matching sf2 to make that flick even easier with a shorter wheel base for faster and more reactive flips.

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