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Pilot Lee



It all started when…

SRRY: Where are you from and where do you live? - I’m from Cali and I live in Los Angeles

SRRY: What music are you into right now? - I really like Beach House and Part Time

SRRY: Who has been the biggest influence on your skateboarding or fingerboarding? Who inspired you the most?- I think that in skateboarding it would be my dad (Jason Lee) and for fingerboarding I’d say @cass.fb

SRRY: What was your first board and how did you get it?  - My first fingerboard was a star. I would always watch fb vids on YouTube and I really wanted to get my own. 

SRRY: What’s your favorite thing / place to eat?  - Yen sushi

SRRY: Name your top three movies

  • stand by me, moonrise kingdom and almost famous 

SRRY: What’s your favorite video part?

  • for skating it would be Shane O’Neil’s Nike sb levels 
  • for fb I think Alex Christ’s welcome to FlatFace part

SRRY: What's your favorite trick and who do you think does a perfect version of that trick?- varial flip nose grind @cass.fb

SRRY: If you could hang out with anybody, living or dead, who would it be?- I don’t have anyone in particular but I would probably just wanna chill with some fingerboarders and skaters an make a sick video

SRRY: What would be your idea of ultimate happiness?-Being able to travel anywhere 

SRRY: Are Pro skaters/fingerboarders role models? -Yes

SRRY: What's your favorite quality in a person?- good personality 

SRRY: Do you think that skaters should represent skateboarding at all times?- I don’t think they need to