Ryan Nelson


Ryan Nelson



Ryan Nelson Interview.

Favorite neighborhood: Mr Rogers

Best cheap eats: Hole Mole

Favorite bar: Flat

Favorite coffee shop: Keurig 

Favorite place to buy threads: Joanne's Fabrics 

Favorite tourist attraction: Your Moms House

Favorite skate shop: Furnace

Best place to get outside seating and have a bev: On My Patio

Best museum or gallery: The Broad

Favorite food spot: Costco Samples 

Best Bev: PBR

Favorite fingerboarder/skater: Tom Schaar

Most memorable SFFB Memory: when Mike Schneider gave me his signature blackriver ramp 

Guilty Pleasure in OC: SFFB

Best music venue: The Observatory 

Favorite park: Indy (Fullerton)

Best burrito: Carne Asahdude 

Best barbershop: Supercuts

First tattoo: Kr3w logo on the back of my left leg

Best skate shoe: Vans Slip-On Pros

Spitfire or bones: Spitfire